What are Pitt Pens?

For centuries, India Ink has been used across the globe by artists from all walks of life to create amazing pieces of art. It combines well with many other painting techniques so has always been an experimental art form. Faber Castell bring this to a new light in the Pitt Pen to make this expressive medium more available and easy to use. Each pen has a high-quality brush-style nib that is long-lasting and easy to use.

Pitt Pens are now commonly used in illustrations, fashion design, portraiture, sequential art and canvas painting. However, the ideas are unlimited!

The Pens are 100% India Ink and as a result are completely non-toxic and odourless. Pitt Pen ink has a high degree of lightfastness and will dry permanent on a variety of surfaces. The ink quality is extremely long-lasting and will not fade or smudge: most of the shades we sell are also waterproof. (Except the metallic colours which are only water resistant)

What can I use a Pitt Pen for?

Pitt Pens work best on slightly absorbent papers and are ideal for mixing with watercolour painting designs. However, other stunning effects can be created on standard drawing paper or even tracing paper. The high-quality India Ink will not bleed. Additionally, Pitt Pens are renowned for enhancing the special characters of papers to bring the designs to life further.

Often India Ink can be used on fabrics. Whilst the pens where not designed for this originally, the brush-like properties of the larger tips make them ideal for creating stunning shapes with ease. However, the colours can easily fade and come out of the fabric if washed so it should be displayed rather than worn and used.

The Pitt Artist Pen can be used for precise work, but also in an experimental way. New means of expression come about when the ink comes in contact with wet areas. Once dry, the area can be further worked on with Pitt Artist Pens or other media.

Pitt Pens are great for the environment too! Although they’re not refillable like some of our other ranges, the pens are fully recyclable and all the materials and inks are sustainably sourced.

We stock 30 different colours in 7 different tip styles. Our lighter shades are semi-transparent and therefore are ideal for varnishing effects. Yet our dark colours have premium covering qualities and are ideal for adding extra details or building artwork from the ground up.

Pitt Pen Brush

The Brush size is the original and most widely used tip.

The soft and shape-retaining nib makes transitions between thin and thick strokes effortless. It is capable of producing lines between 1 – 5mm thick.

We also have the Soft Brush variety in Black that is capable of producing even finer lines with a similar technique.

Pitt Pen Bullet

The firmer nib of the bullet Pitt Pen delivers a uniform and regular 1.5mm line with ease.

We stock the bullet size in 5 different Metallic colours.

Note that this size is water-resistant rather than waterproof.

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Other Tips

We stock 4 finer nibs in Black and Dark Sepia.

Medium (M) = 0.7mm.

Fine (F) = 0.5mm.

Superfine (S) = 0.3mm.

Extra Superfine (XS) = 0.1mm.