Silk clay is an air drying clay that doesn’t stick to you but sticks well to your figure and to itself. It is clean and easy to handle. We recommend using silk clay with our range of decopatch figures; however, you can be more creative and cover boxes and pebbles!

Silk and Foam clays come in an amazing assortment of bright and neon colours!

What to Decorate?

How do I use Silk and Foam Clay

Simply smooth and shape your chosen colour of clay around the model.

Silk and Foam clays work well when used alongside each other. Silk clay is smooth and resembles skin; whereas, foam clay dries with a bubbly texture – idea for monsters and other decorations.  

You could use a second colour to add decorations eg. spots, stripes and eyes. Additionally, check out our range of sequins and ‘googly eyes’ to bring your figures to life.


We also sell complete kits. Inside you’ll find a pot of silk clay, a pot of foam clay and a figure of your choice.

All our kits come with more than enough silk clay. Why not decorate the box with some leftovers?