Tacky Glue 120ml


A tacky PVA glue suitable for a wide range of adhesive tasks and surfaces including papers, embellishments, fabrics, wood, foam and more. Size 240ml with precision nib for greater control over the application on finer areas.

Dries colourless and flexible.

Perfect for use with Papercraft World models.

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Anita’s Tacky Glue is a PVA glue.  However, it is ultra thick and tacky (unlike regular PVA) with a fast-sticking formula that works on a wide range of surfaces including paper, card, wood, craft foam, and non washable fabrics.

The precision nib allows for more precise application – ideal for both detailed and general arts and craft projects, hobbies and also some household activities.

Directions: apply sparingly (water down slightly if too thick eg. if using for decoupage).  Allow a few minutes for the glue to become flexible before repositioning. Allow 2 hours approx. for the glue to cure to a durable and strong connection.

Tip: this glue is  thick so, in order for the precision nozzle to perform at its best, do not allow surplus glue to dry in the nozzle – clean after each use. The application nib can be cut to enlarge if required – this helps the glue to flow better whilst providing less precision.

Clean up wet glue with a damp cloth and take necessary precautions to protect clothing and furnishings. Wash tools and surfaces in water and replace cap directly after use